Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Against Bullying

Scarves crafted to raise bullying awareness

MIFFLINBURG — he Rev. Susan Gabbard wants every child who’s ever been bullied to know one thing: you do not deserve it.

“There are some people who are just so full of hate and insecurities that they look for other people to pick on to make themselves feel better,” explained Gabbard. “It’s not even about you.”

Gabbard, pastor of the St. John’s United Church of Christ in Mifflinburg, is working with members of her congregation to raise awareness about bullying through a nationwide initiative called “The Scarf Project.”

The Scarf Project invites delegates that will attend the General Synod this summer (a national meeting held every two years for delegates of churches across the United States), to create and/or bring along multi-colored scarves for distribution. This year’s meeting is in California, and though Gabbard isn’t able to attend, she wants to participate in The Scarf Project anyway.

“The purpose of The Scarf Project is to raise awareness about bullying,” explained Gabbard. “Our hope is that people will get these scarves and go back home to their communities and help people.”

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