Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bread For You


If you’re living from the true self, you’re going to live from connection and communion with God, with everyone, with everything. You’re not going to be judging, dismissing, or complaining, even in your mind. Such people change the world.
The true lightning rods of God’s energy in the world, the true instruments, get their “who” rightbefore they try to figure out “what” to do about evil and violence. They wait for communion, wait until they are reconnected to Being, wait until they are conscious. They don’t operate out of the unconscious, which is always reaction, which is always the small self protecting itself and promoting itself.
We are love, and we are made for love, and our natural abiding place is inside of divine love. As St. Catherine of Genoa said, “My deepest me is God!”
- R. Rohr

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