Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Check out the Teaching Tolerance blog at the Southern Poverty Law Center....

It's a great site for teachers, pastors, Christian educators, mothers, fathers......We can all play a part in reducing hatred in our communities. It's how we can move closer to God's Kingdom.
This is a sample of the information you can find there:

My Way Is Not the Only Way


Students will:
  • Learn about different belief systems.
  • Appreciate the benefits of living in a country with many different religious beliefs.
  • Identify similarities and differences of different belief systems.

Essential Questions:

  • What do religious traditions and beliefs say about people? What can I learn from the religious traditions and beliefs of others?
  • How would our nation be different if there was only one religion?
  • What connections can we make between different religions? What can we learn from the uniqueness of different belief systems?

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