Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Gift of Easter

It's always interesting and helpful to hear other perspectives on the power of Easter in our lives. Thought you might enjoy this one.

Do you ever wish you could have a do-over?

I know I do!  When I mishandle a situation with my kids, I wish I could go back, start over, and respond rather than react.

When I say something to my husband with a disrespectful tone in my voice, I want to rewind the tape and start over.

If you've have found yourself longing for a do-over, there's good news.

While there's no physical way to push the rewind button on our life, we have a God who is in the business of fresh starts.  That's what Easter is all about! 

Jesus' death on the cross was all about starting over.  He died for us and then came to life again three days later. His death and resurrection set the pattern for what our life in God is to look like.  When we mess up, God's forgiveness puts the sin to death and begins new life in our heart.  It's the Easter story over and over again in our life.  Easter is really all about do-overs!  
So in real life it looks like this:
  • I accept Christ as my Savior.  I thank Him for His death on the cross for me, and I ask Him to be the leader of my life.  
  • When I mishandle a situation with my kids, I tell God I'm sorry.  I accept His forgiveness and walk in His grace. Then I apologize to my kids, and I start over.  
  • When I speak to my husband disrespectfully, I apologize to God and accept His forgiveness.  Then I apologize to my husband and walk confidently in my do-over.
Here's the best part: the more I apologize and make it right, the more I'm motivated to change.  The full do-over happens when I allow God to transform my heart and I stop doing the same sin over and over again.  

What if this Easter, it was less about the Easter bunny and eggs and more about a new life in Christ?  What if we got serious about the do-over's God offers?  
Taken from Hearts - At- Home site

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  1. I love the analogy here of the rewind button. So many times I wish I could just press pause or rewind the tape. But as you say, we still get to move forward in forgiveness. This is such a tremendous joy! Indeed, Easter is about so much more than colored eggs! Thanks for the post.