Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom Calling Cards

Sometimes moms need to be reminded that we are engaged in the official business of raising future generations. Truly what else could be more important than this vocation? I've always believed that moms need calling cards for play dates, setting up appointments, making new friends at the gym, the grocery store, the office, the library, the church. Have your card ready! It will save you time searching through your bag for a piece of paper and pen! Check these out from etsy.com. Most are quite inexpensive too. Click on the photos to be directed to the various sites.


  1. These cards are so great! I have never seen them before, what a great idea! Okay, so we DEFINITELY need to grab coffee asap. Really, I think we have about a million things in common :) email? traceybianchi@gmail.com, we can set something up soon before, as you said on FB, the kids get out of school.
    Cheers and happy Earth Day!

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