Saturday, May 19, 2012


clothing here

the perfect place to have a conversation and meal in NYC:
for pretty little girl toes in sandals: (non-toxic!)
fun blogs:
the william brown project
the stuff to remember
pia jane bijkerk
little brown pen
the glamorous housewife
iowa girl eats
somethings hiding in here

I know, I know, how do we go from topics of war to summer fashions and cute blogs?! We need joy in our lives and perhaps like you I like pretty things that make me smile and for a moment let me forget about the wars and the sorrow. Just for a moment. I need to be reminded that there is beauty, real beauty, courage, creativity and joy in our world. We keep going.....Alice Walker says in the Color Purple that God gets mad when we walk by the color take note of the lovely things in life.

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