Sunday, May 13, 2012

Surrendering Outcomes

"You can absolutely rip your heart out and put it on a plate for them week after week after week … and you cannot control whetherh they will be your friend, whether they will listen, whether they will walk away, whether they will stab you in the back. It’s simply not possible. But it is possible to live with the great illusion that if you do certain things you will achieve a certain result — and that’s simply not true. The sooner you come to terms with this, with our powerlessness, the more joy you will have.” r.bell

This is part of an article written by former Pastor and radical Christian, Rob Bell, who speaks such truth. I need to hear this message that no matter what you do and how you behave and look, act etc. you can't control how people will percieve you or if they will love or find great fault with you. We don't have control over that. We don't have control. 
Love anyway.
article here.

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