Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Perspective

excerpt from a piece in Sojourners written by Jim Wallis:

This last week, I’ve watched the endless political pre-coverage of the Supreme Court decision, and I was struck first by the poor quality of the questions being asked. Now that the decision has been made, the pontification is just as bad. We need to be focused on those who are left out and left behind, not who is up or down in politics and the polls.

The pundits ask: How will this affect the election? Who’s the political winner; who’s the loser? Republicans or Democrats, Obama or Romney? Is the Supreme Court too politicized or not enough? Who is protecting and who is destroying the reputation and dignity of the court? These are interesting political questions but not the fundamental questions for Christians to ask.

Our bottom line is different. We don’t start with politics, but rather with how these decisions affect real people. Here are our questions: How will the results of the decision today affect the people who still don’t have adequate and reasonably priced health care? What about the people still not covered under the Affordable Care Act? Will there still be those who are too poor to be healthy in America? How do we move from a mindset that views health care as merely a commodity and not a human right? These are the questions for Christians, not who wins and who loses the political debate.

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