Friday, July 13, 2012

Is God in the House?

Yes, we have to take responsibility for ourselves but as Christians we are comanded to also take responsibility for one another.
Perhaps the reluctance to take responsibility is due to the fact that the problems we face are too systemically complex, too deeply entrenched or too structurally intractable. It can be argued that the many moving parts to the puzzles of life make it unfeasible for anyone or any entity to take comprehensive responsibility. But the unfeasibility of full responsibility does not give us license to take no responsibility at all. Rev. Kenneth L. Samuel
I'm sorry that much of our discourse these days is about being left alone or being content in our prosperity just because we got here and everyone else should get to this point too, without "help". The fact is none of us did anything alone or ever will and just because our brothers and sisters are struggling doesn't mean we shut them out and say "too bad".  If that's the way we want to shape our thoughts and guide our hearts we are in big trouble and God has left the room. God only exists when we make Him present and active in our lives by loving. Period. There is enough to share. There is enough joy to go around. May we keep God in our homes, in our hearts.

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