Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Husband Rocks

There were a number of great booths at the Hearts-at-Home conference. One of our favorite booths was Union28, a t-shirt retailer selling shirts that honors the bonds between husband and wife and encourages the celebration of marriage. These shirts were pretty cute. Here's a message from their website:

Excerpt from our Mission Reflection Article:"...Some may say it's a stretch to attribute marital improvement to a slogan or symbol on a t-shirt, but we know better. God intricately designed us to be affected by simple things. Why else would we get such joy from an ice cream cone on a hot day, be moved to tears by watching a new dad hold his baby for the first time, or feel completely withered by one harsh word?
Maybe it will kindle or rekindle a desire in someone to let their spouse know how much he/she means rather than assume they know. Maybe it will open someone's eyes to see the blessing they've been missing in their spouse. Maybe a couple will be inspired to take the steps to repair a wounded relationship so they can wear the same message and mean it with all their heart.
However God wants to use this message, wherever He wants to send it, whoever he wants to encourage by it or heal with it, may it be so."

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