Thursday, March 8, 2012

Church News

The children are excited about helping Common Hope's work with Guatemalan children. Please, get out that Children's Offering project that came in the mail. Make the work for your family as simply or as grandly as your lives allow. You will be glad you shared this experience with your child! The offering will be collected next Sunday or anytime thereafter. Please place it in an envelope marked "Children's Offering."
The March 13 meeting of Dining for Women will take place at the home of Joyce Sherwood. The NGO is Women's Earth Alliance with a focus on Sierra Leone and Liberia. Clean water and sanitation practices are the big ideas of this month. All are welcome, but you must RSVP.

The ACE's seminar will feature The Rev. Chris Dorsey, who will examine some of the theological foundations and ethical paradigms needed to help develop an understanding of how Christians engage in contemporary social issues related to race, the environment, healthcare and education. Rev Dorsey has worked as a university chaplain, a local church pastor and as a hospital chaplain to HIV/AIDS patients. This week's subject is What Must the Earth Do to Be Saved? The seminars take place at 10:15 Sunday mornings in the second floor Seim Room.
The introductory meeting of Bring Your Opinion - a new once-a-month Friday night discussion group - will take place tomorrow evening, Friday, March 9. The group is open to all adults, members and non-members. 

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