Monday, March 19, 2012

Jewish Tradition

I think it's important to know the Jewish tradition since Christ was Jewish and the Old Testament is the Jewish story. The more I learn about the Jewish tradition the more I learn about my faith.

Yom Kippur: "Day of Atonement" - holiest day in the Jewish Year. The soul is at one with G-d (the word describing, naming the Holy One is so great some Jews believe you can't write it out). When we are at one with G-d all is forgiven. Nothing must interfere with that oneness from Friday to Saturday evening. No eating, drinking, anointing with perfumes, no marital relations, lotions, washing for pleasure, wearing leather shoes.

Reminds me of Lenten Season.
May we all come to learn more about our past, our roots, our faith tradition and its origins.

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