Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Do Nothing

I don't know about you but I needed to hear this message - about doing nothing....about just being. That doesn't mean stop feeling pain for those suffering or cease to stop growing ourselves but it does mean sometimes we need to just be.

Article from Sojourners:
Stop looking for the next adventure, challenge, hurdle, drama, or excitement. Be present. Be here now. Stop trying to change people. Stop trying to do anything. Just be.
Be in your life. Your life will teach you everything.
“Pay attention to what’s there, not what isn’t there,” Peterson said. Go about the journey of faith — the Christian life, the Way — relaxed, he said, “not feeling so guilty, not having to prove yourself all the time.”
Providence has a great sense of timing — one that’s oriented by kairos not chronos. My time with Peterson fell during the first full week of Lent.
Before Ash Wednesday I already had determined not to do the usual thing — give something tangible up: chocolate, caffeine, wine, fried food, etc. I decided instead to forgo saying negative things about my appearance out loud. I thought that would be healthy, helpful, a meaningful practice to honor God’s creation (me) and the Creator.
It lasted about 36 hours. I determined to start again. And again and again and again, if necessary.
After listening to Peterson, I stopped trying. I stopped, full stop.
For Lent, I am doing nothing. I am just going to be.
Feel the rhythms of grace and let God do the doing.

full article here

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