Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Code of Humanity

So many things to write about today. Mostly, I'm grateful that the sun came out. I don't mind the winter but the sun is always a glimmer of hope of warmer days to come. One forgets so easily what it feels like on the face.
Long ago I picked up a card from a local store for mystics (spiritual folk) that reads The Code of Humanity. Thought I'd share some of its wisdom with you all today.

1. I choose to communicate Truth
2. I choose the reality of Life
3. I choose to Heal Not Hurt
4. I choose Education over Ignorance
5. I choose the Power of Peace
6. I choose to Love God and See God in All Humanity
7. I choose to Seek the Soul in All Things
8. I choose to Connect to the world of Inspiration
9. I choose the Principle of Sharing
10. I choose to become a Co-Creator in Life and Live it more Abundantly
from The Creative Group, Laguna Hills, CA

What do you choose?

Lovely meditation on Creation here.

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