Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In a Word

Here's a word that keeps coming up: Habit.

In light of the new year some folks are musing over the idea of finding one word to focus on for 2012. Consider what word keeps coming up for you. What word keeps appearing for you in your days?
So I ask myself, "what kind of good habits am I forming now that will carry me through the year?" Should I think of it like a seed that I'm planting to nurture this year and beyond?
What about you? Are you putting yourself first when needed? Are you taking care of your body and spirit? What habits are forming?

Some good habits:
Exercise- like walking, sun salutations, running
Breathing - follow your breath, pay attention....
Environment - clearing away clutter in our homes that clutter our minds
Communication - speaking kindly and lovingly with one another - even strangers
Positive thinking and mediation - gratitude journal with the kids, saying positive words to ourselves with love

check out this yoga family blog with many other wonderful habits.

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