Thursday, January 12, 2012

What She Finds Lovely

Check out what Joy from You Know How We're An Art Family When finds lovely. What about you?
My camera isn't speaking to my computer right now but I can tell you what I find lovely in my day. Here it is:

1. a new perfume from Jo Malone - Pomegranate mixed with Pear
2. making pony tails in my girls' hair
3. reading my magazines on the couch - in silence
4. making dinner - trying out a new recipe
5. writing hand written notes to family and friends

Thanks for the inspiration Joy!


  1. isn't it amazing how a new magazine and silence, all while sitting on a couch, can renew us??

  2. What a great list of loveliness! Thanks for sharing yours. :) I really enjoy trying new recipes too!